Security services offered: dogs and guards, mobile patrols and static guards

Trusted By:

Forest Heath District Council, Suffolk
Bedford Lodge, Suffolk
Elwell Taylor, Suffolk
D White Butchers, Hertfordshire
References are available upon request.
Main areas covered = Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, London, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire
Specialist Anglian Security Company provides dog handlers, mobile patrols and static guards in East Anglia (Cambridge and Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex), London, the Home Counties (Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire) and Kent. For large contracts, we can operate anywhere in England or the UK.
Guard dogs waiting to patrol with specialist dog handlers

Specialist Anglian Security Contractors

Specialist Anglian Security Contractors (SAS) provide reliable, effective security for industry, business and individuals in East Anglia (Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Cambridge / Cambridgeshire), London and the Home Counties (Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire) and Kent.

We offer three main types of security: dog handlers, mobile patrols and static guards.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Security Contractors?

In East Anglia, London and the Home Counties, we are building a reputation for solid, reliable security due to:

1 Good Management

  • Dedication - the company has a policy of always "going the extra mile" to meet the changing needs of clients.

  • Honesty - SAS is committed to total honesty with all clients and demands the same of its staff.

  • Full supervisory assistance at ALL times - if a security guard encounters a problem, we guarantee that there will ALWAYS be someone available 24/7 to provide phone advice and practical assistance if necessary.

  • Flexibility - providing that staff have a minimum of an 8 hour shift, security cover can be as flexible as the customer requires. For example, we could offer 24/7 security one week and just a few days the next; the location can also be changed to suit the customer's needs. We accept both short and long-term contracts.

  • Emergency Cover Available - our dog handlers and static guards can provide emergency cover if needed.

2 Good Staff

  • Experienced dog handlers and security guards - years of experience mean that our guards are good in the face of confrontation; many have a military background.

  • Honesty, integrity and effort - we select staff for these qualities and also expect politeness in normal situations.

  • Good Dog Handlers - SAS is proud of its trained and experienced dog handlers.

  • Low Staff Turnover - we pay staff above the industry average, provide them with full support and on-going training; as a result, our staff remain loyal to us and are committed to providing a high-calibre service to our customers.

3 Good Technology

  • Mobile Tracking System - we are one of the few security companies in Southern England to use a system to monitor the location of security guards every 60 seconds, ensuring patrols are in place at all times. Clients can access this system if they choose and printouts are available.

  • Reliable Communication Systems for all guards.

What Types of Clients Do We Protect?

We offer security to small, medium and large organisations including industrial sites and factories, building sites, utility works, retail, construction projects, storage areas, derelict buildings, film sets, commercial organisations, detention centres and private homes.